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It's time to hire a bookkeeper!


Debbie Mullins, Bookkeeper, provides reliable and affordable bookkeeping services to small businesses and the self-employed. Ms. Mullins processes and records your financial transactions and prepares your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. Cost of services is based on volume and invoiced as a flat-fee annually. You benefit having a second set of eyes on your bookkeeping reviewing your transactions and providing instruction and tips on running your day-to-day operations. You also benefit with a monthly prompt reminding you to review your financial statements and prepare for future months and end of year results.

Real Estate Investors

You need a dedicated bookkeeper who specializes in complex real estate transactions and provides your CPA with accurate details of your asset purchases and sales, liabilities, joint ventures and more. It's time to stop setting a box of receipts on your CPAs desk and start providing organized, year-end financial statements.

Small Businesses

The key to your success is outsourcing. You need a reliable, affordable bookkeeper without added payroll and overhead expenses. You need a dedicated bookkeeper to maintain your financial records and prepare financial reports for your management team, lenders, partners and CPA.


Entrepreneurs, you're already working sun up to sun down. Don't sit down at the computer at 2:00 a.m. to enter complex transactions and reconcile bank and credit card accounts. You need a dedicated and affordable bookkeeper to organize your data, prepare accurate financial statements for you, your vendors and your CPA.

Spend your time maintaining and growing your business! Let me do your bookkeeping …


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Debbie Mullins is also a licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of Texas with Ready Real Estate, LLC (broker).

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