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Bookkeeping for Small Business Owners and the Self-Employed

It's time to stop running your business via a spreadsheet. It's time to learn how to use a bookkeeping software ... streamlined for your needs. Skip the bells and whistles and keep it simple. Schedule a one-on-one session today!


Need help with your bookkeeping transactions, software or Quickbooks company file? We can set up your Quickbooks company file, enter transactions, reconcile your accounts, troubleshoot and more. Take the first step and email with your complete contact information. Let's discuss your needs and help you finalize your financials. 

Bookkeeping for Real Estate Investors

3 Course "Zoom" Series - Coming Soon! Anxious to get started now? Schedule your one-on-one session today.

Getting Started - Running Your Business IS Bookkeeping 

We will discuss everything from your company structure to banking to W-9s to 1099’s to setting up your “investor’s” Chart of Accounts and what to code to each. We will cover net income, expense vs asset, no “real estate owned” in bookkeeping, owner draw vs salary, how your investor/JV partner agreements line up with your books and more!

Day-To-Day Operations - Coding and Financials 

In this course, we will cover the day-to-day bookkeeping operations of investing, entering and coding checks/payments and deposits/income. We will create and review your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet teaching you about each and how to check for accuracy. And, we will cover reconciliations as well as the built-in many checks and balances for accuracy of accounting and bookkeeping that will impress your CPA! Although the first course is not required, we will not spend time setting up your Chart of Accounts (but you can set up accounts as we go if you know how).

Advanced Transactions 

This upper-level course covers the more advanced transactions such as removing assets, closing out JV partners, paying off liabilities, calculating gains accurately, and understanding the equity in your company and how to distribute profits in an LLC, vs partnership or other entity. And, more. Investing is asset and Balance Sheet heavy with many unique scenarios when buying and selling. Bring your unique situations!

It's Fun and FREE - How to Get Out of Debt, Buy a House(s), Start A Business and Get Rich!

It's time to become mildly obsessed about getting out of debt and getting rich ... including your mortgage! It doesn't matter if you make $20,000 a year or $900,000+, it is time to stop living paycheck to paycheck. Seriously. It's time! 

Do you want to get out of debt? - Do you live check to check?

No money in savings? - No retirement plan?

Do you owe money on a credit card(s)? - Do you owe money on your home?

Do you want to buy a house? Or, two? Or, more …? - Do you juggle paying bills?

Do you feel stressed? - Do you want to become financially successful and independent?

If you answered "YES!" to any one of the questions above, this workshop is for you.


You had fun getting into debt. Let's have fun getting out! (And get rich!)

Debbie Mullins taught How To Get Out of Debt for 10 years in Kansas City before relocating to Texas. She owns and operates The ColeTen Group, Bookkeeping Firm, and is a Texas Real Estate Agent with Ready Real Estate.

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Debbie Mullins is also a licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of Texas with Ready Real Estate, LLC (broker).

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