Quickbooks Training & Consulting Services for the Self-Employed / Small Business Owner

Need help with your Quickbooks company file? Schedule a one-on-one training session. Let's setup your Quickbooks company file, enter transactions, reconcile your accounts, troubleshoot and more!

Quickbooks for the Real Estate Investor

It's time to stop running your business via a spreadsheet. It's time to learn how to use a bookkeeping software ... streamlined for investors' needs.

Schedule a one-on-one today! Or join me for 1 or all 3 of my Bookkeeping Series sessions.

“Easy” Bookkeeping for the Real Estate Investor - 3-Course Zoom Series

Register for 1, 2 or all 3:                          Dates and Time:

$150 Per Course                                          September 14th, 21st and Oct 5th (Wed Series)

       ~ OR ~                                                    September 10th, 17th and Oct 1st (Sat Series)

$400 for all 3 Courses                                        11am to 1pm (2pm) CENTRAL



This 3-course series is designed for new and experienced real estate investors and small business owners. We try, try, try but you can’t run a business via a spreadsheet. So, if you are ready to tackle the bookkeeping for your investing business but aren’t sure where to start (and can’t seem to sit down and get started), join me for this 3-course series of Zoom classes. Skip the fluff and bells and whistles and learn how to use and streamline Quickbooks for your real estate investing needs as well as additional helpful tips and tricks I use to create an investor’s Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.


Course Detail: 

  • 2 hours each with an additional hour for those who want to remain online for Q&A specific to each session

  • Designed with time between sessions to review, practice and implement the information into your processes

  • Designed using Quickbooks for the Desktop. Can be adapted to QB Online.


Getting Started - Running Your Business IS Bookkeeping – September 10th or 14th  

We will discuss everything from your company structure to banking to W-9s to 1099’s to setting up your “investor’s” Chart of Accounts and what to code to each. We will cover net income, expense vs asset, no “real estate owned” in bookkeeping, owner draw vs salary, how your investor/JV partner agreements line up with your books and more!


Day-To-Day Operations - Coding and Financials – September 17th or 21st   

In this course, we will cover the day-to-day bookkeeping operations of investing, entering and coding checks/payments and deposits/income. We will create and review your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet teaching you about each and how to check for accuracy. And, we will cover reconciliations as well as the built-in many checks and balances for accuracy of accounting and bookkeeping that will impress your CPA! Although the first course is not required, we will not spend time setting up your Chart of Accounts (but you can set up accounts as we go if you know how).


Advanced Transactions – October 1st or 5th   

This upper-level course covers the more advanced transactions such as removing assets, closing out JV partners, paying off liabilities, calculating gains accurately, and understanding the equity in your company and how to distribute profits in an LLC, vs partnership or other entity. And, more. Investing is asset and Balance Sheet heavy with many unique scenarios when buying and selling. Bring your unique situations!


To Register or For Additional Information:

Email debbie@dmbookkeeping.net with your complete contact information and courses you want to attend! Payment in advance required. For $400 special offer, all three courses must be scheduled at the same time.

It's Fun and FREE - How to Get Out of Debt, Become Financially Successful  and Buy a House(s)

If you are ready to become mildly obsessed with your financial success and freedom, this workshop is for you! Tell your friends and family and sign up together. It's free!


Do you want to get out of debt? - Do you live check to check?

No money in savings? - No retirement plan?

Do you owe money on a credit card(s)? - Do you owe money on your home?

Do you want to buy a house? Or, two? Or, more …? - Do you juggle paying bills?

Do you feel stressed? - Do you want to become financially successful and independent?

If you answered "YES!" to any one of the questions above, this group and monthly workshop is for you.


Each month we tackle an area of finances: banking, bills, insurance, savings, income, spending, credit scores, and many more items you have never thought of! Bring a notepad and pen and calculator to each workshop. Whether you make $30,000 per year or $300,000, it's time to eliminate your debt and become financially independent and successful. And, if you don’t own a home, it's time to build your assets! The best news …  you make all the money you need to make right now. It is time to take action. Don't be shy! You will be welcomed with open arms and encouraged to become mildly obsessed with becoming financial independent. Forget about magic and the lottery and come have fun doing your easy day-to-day "life" monthly homework and sharing your successes with other like-minded individuals! (No vendors, soliciting allowed. This is not a networking group. It is an ongoing workshop.)



Free! REGISTRATION Is required. Non-registered attendees:  $25 per person

It is recommended that couples attend together. (You both need to be excited about your future!)

There is nothing to “sell you.” No programs to sign up for. This is an interactive workshop series designed to be fun and keep you motivated! 


Rooftop of SkyHouse Frisco Station (23rd Floor)

6633 John Hickman Pkwy, Frisco, TX  75034

John Hickman and the Dallas North Tollway - 5 Minutes North of 121 (Sam Rayburn)


Workshop dates and times: 

2nd Thursday of Each Month

First Time Participants:  6 to 7 pm

Monthly Participants:  7 to 8 pm (workshop) - 8 to 9 pm (optional Q&A, sharing and social hour)

To Register for Workshops:

Email your complete contact information for each attendee and the first date you want to attend to funandfreeworkshops@gmail.com.​ Must be 18 years or older to attend.

You had fun getting into debt. Let's have fun getting out! (And get rich!)

Debbie Mullins taught How To Get Out of Debt for 10 years in Kansas City before relocating to Texas. She owns and operates The ColeTen Group LLC, Bookkeeping, and is a Texas Real Estate Agent with Ready Real Estate.